Financial Assistance to Afford Care for Chronic Illness

Presently, the prevalence of chronic illness in the Americans is one of the most distressing causes of concern for the country. Recent statistics on the pervasiveness of chronic conditions in the country are alarming. The study indicates that almost 150 million Americans are suffering from a consistent chronic condition and as many as 100 million are enduring more than one chronic illness. Moreover, it was also found that there are around 30 million Americans, who are living their daily routine lives, with more than 5 chronic diseases with an expected further rise to 81 million by the year 2020. Do you have enough information on financial assistance for chronic illness?

financial assistance for chronic illness
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By planning to stay for a long time, undeterred even after being challenged by exorbitant medications, the chronic health conditions plaguing the US citizens are found to be:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Arthritis and related conditions
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Oral health problems

Implausible pressure on the health care system:

financial help for chronic illness
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The road to recovery for the Americans facing chronic health conditions is not trouble-free. It takes a huge toll on us individually and trying to scurry between our emotional strength and lack of finances drains us completely.  Maintenance of health care of the individuals unequivocally creates a massive burden on the economy of the country simultaneously. From the reports, it was deduced that approximately $3.62 trillion dollars is being spent by the country as healthcare cost annually.

Being on an upward swing, the healthcare payers are left wearied in trying to cover for these expensive treatments and upkeep of the patients. Though, the states within the country are implementing strategies for the early detection of diseases and their prevention, the financial aid to afford the sustenance of chronic illness is still searching for stable grounds.

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Seeking Financial Aid to render the illness costs :

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When it came upon our family, our first reaction was of utter devastation and a feeling of despair.  Being ignorant about any government assistance programs or any financial assistance plans, we did not know whom to turn to.  While muddling through our way to seek financial aid we finally configured that while our health insurance did cover part of our medical costs, financial assistance for costs which were not covered was also available.  It just needed direction.

The first step to fight against chronic illness by apt financial assistance is healthcare insurance. It does act as an umbrella during contingent times.  

government health insurance
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Medicaid and Medicare are the two most sought-after government health insurances, which can be of assistance if taken at the opportune time.

You can also get in touch with the US Department of Health and Human Services for information and assistance on ways to pay for medical care for families which cannot afford expensive treatments.

There are prescription assistance programs and national organizations which fund rare disorders, which can assist you financially during these stressing times.

chronic disease foundation
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There are also foundations which help patients by copayment strategy and organizations which inform you of all the healthcare choices you can opt for.

As the last recourse, when and if you fail to muster the energy or the finances to fight through grinding times, you can always fall upon your financial planners who have the expertise to guide you and help you sail on a smooth boat of uninterrupted financial assistance to afford chronic illness. Read more about tips for finding Financial Aid.

The widespread presence of chronic illness in the US is increasing at an alarming rate. Among the several chronic diseases affecting the country, diabetes, cancer cardiac and arthritis diseases are in majority. Financial fight against chronic illness is causing stress on the individuals as they are expensive but they can be taken care of with Medicare and Medicaid and other feasible healthcare options. Get professional help from the experts at Flagship Financial. Schedule a consultation.