Distribution Phase Planning – What it is and why you should start thinking about it NOW

We know that financial planning can be an intimidating process. There’s  a lot at stake for you and your family, and getting lost in industry lingo can be frustrating. That’s why at Flagship Financial, we strive to equip you with the knowledge needed so that you feel comfortable making informed financial decisions for you and your family. In this article, we’ll break down Distribution Phase Planning, helping you understand what it is and why it’s important for you to start thinking about now.

Distribution Phase Planning – What is it?

Simply put, Distribution Phase Planning means planning how to best distribute your wealth during retirement. In the Distribution Phase of your financial life, you are no longer building wealth, but using the wealth you have accumulated throughout your life to fund your retirement.

In the distribution phase, you begin relying on personal assets such as retirement savings accounts, social security benefits, and various investments to support you financially. All the wealth you have accumulated throughout your life begins to be distributed.


enjoy your retirement with the proper planning. Distribution phase planning will help you prepare

Why it Matters

The landscape of retirement has changed drastically in America over the past few decades. In years past, you worked most of your life for a single, large employer, and then collected a pension. Your main concern during retirement was figuring out how to use your spare time.

That’s not the case anymore. Most likely, you will be living in retirement on money you yourself have saved and assets you have accumulated. You must know how to best distribute them.

If you are reading this, chances are you are getting close to retirement. You need to begin reviewing your retirement investments to ensure they are sufficient to meet your lifestyle requirements. In other words, you need to make sure you’ve established enough income streams to meet your needs during retirement.


retirement is closer than you think. Distribution phase planning is something to start thinking about now
begin taking stock of your assets and building strategies to maximize what you have accumulated

Distribution phase planning is important because you begin taking stock of your assets and building strategies to maximize what you have accumulated, helping you establish a predictable retirement income – guaranteeing you will never run out of money during retirement while protecting what you have for the next generation.

In our next blog, we’ll cover some tips and tricks for distribution phase planning.