What Healthcare Means To Me As a Baby Boomer!

Until some decades ago, I can tell, healthcare was not such a big issue for the old people. I have grown taking care of my parents which I saw was a way of living. Your children and society will take care of you. But, most of the boomer generation will agree with me, that it cannot be expected anymore. Baby boomers and healthcare, these 2 terms now go together for us as we share a common fear about our well-being and health.

baby boomers and healthcare
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After World War 2 ended there was a population spurt in USA. People born between 1946 and 1964 were called baby boomers. We actually provided a boom to the population. During this time industrial development was on its peak. Society, culture, values saw a paradigmatic shift in how we behave, relate or live. I can personally tell you that it was a shock how society was changing in such a short span of time. I was not sure about the future. With time this fear has grown. I have grown old and weak. My kids are far from me and American policies are not much in my favour. Earlier, family and close social support used to take care of old people. Now I cannot rely on even my family to take care of my deteriorating health. I know you would relate to me if you are a baby boomer. Here is an interesting read I found which deals the details on this issue Caring for Aging Baby Boomers

The question I really ask to myself often is “Are we really at the mercy of others and are we so pathetic?”.

baby boomers and healthcare needs

Well no, absolutely not. I have come to terms with the changing society and that’s what you should do, if you are a baby boomer or in your 70s. I am now making myself aware of the latest government policies, Medicare facilities, therapies and the nutrition to keep myself fit and make regular assurances about my health. Disciplined routine and an organised to do list about my health problems and treatment is coming a long way to make me independent for my health. I have made sure that I avail all the relevant health insurances. As I like to put it, “the times might be changing but that does not mean we can move along with it”. I have always been a nature loving person. I ensure that I engage in activities like gardening, morning walks to rejoice the old-everlasting beauty of nature.

Aging baby boomers and healthcare
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People don’t like to talk much in the neighbourhood these days. Therefore I make sure that I go out and, spend time in the park, talk to people. I have made some young and old friends. They pay me a good amount of visits. I and my wife often invite and go to others for dinner. Maintaining a social circle provides me with a security and homely feeling the world. Nothing special but it has reduced my stress levels. Often if I need something and if I can’t google it, I call someone from my young friends and they are more than happy to help me.

Baby boomers and aging
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I mean it is not a secret formula, but I think I have figured my health mantra to live in this age. And the important thing is not knowing but implementing it in our daily lives. We are so thwarted by the changing times that we are not able to accept reality and make necessary amends in our lifestyle. If we keep a healthy routine, disciple life, be aware of the recent innovations I think we will naturally know how to take care of ourselves. With the help of professional caretakers I believe, even if I need someone, that won’t be pretty hard. And honestly boomer generation has some real aspects to shape the next generation healthcare system.

In the current society  the old aged people, that is boomer generation now, is facing serious health issues which are magnified due to the changing trends of the society and decreasing social support. Therefore, it becomes important for old adults to become self-aware and able to manage themselves.

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