mixing finances can put business owner's personal assets at risk

Why to Keep your Business and Personal Finances Separate

A business despite being shaped and nurtured by the owner like its own baby has its own distinctive identity. The owner and the business cannot be considered one. But in cases of small businesses, important financial separations, being governed by the same person, are brushed off unnoticed. Personal and business ...
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Planning business exit strategy works like a safety net for the entrepreneur

Best Exit Strategy Ideas for Small Business Owners

A business is started and established with an aim of continuance, but during the period when it is flourishing and growing there may be some unforeseen occurrences that can enforce its shutdown or the transference of its ownership to a third party. A business exit plan allows a business owner ...
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How Small Business Owners Can Diversify Their Investments

How Small Business Owners Can Diversify Their Investments

Small business owners frequently attune themselves mentally with the concept that their business is their sole benefactor and during financial upheavals and retirement it shall be enough. What they often fail to comprehend is that by investing only in their business they are skating on thin ice. Eliminating or reducing ...
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